Study title

Spread of a structured Journal Club format into clinical services using WE-TREAT (“Web-based Expert system” for “Tailoring Research Evidence And Theory”) : A knowledge translation approach

What is the study about?

  • The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of implementing WE-TREAT, a web-based expert system (via the website) for spreading structured TREAT Journal Clubs to health professionals to promote evidence-based practice.
  • The TREAT Journal Club format was developed in 2015 to enhance conventional journal club formats in the healthcare setting. Previous studies (linked here ) have shown improvements to clinician’s evidence-based practice skills and confidence using this format and potential improvements in evidence-uptake in patient care.
  • This project will explore how we can now spread this journal club format more widely using a web-based system and evaluate its effects.

Who is carrying out the study?

The research is being conducted by Dr Rachel Wenke from Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service, Australia, in collaboration with researchers from Bond University and Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.