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TREAT Templates

Extra resources available when you register your journal club:

The following resources are available once your journal club is registered. For more details register or contact us.
  • Step by Step Facilitator Guide
  • Presenter Guide
  • Statistical concepts- quick reference guides:
    • Interpreting forest plots
    • Glossary of EBP and statistical terms
    • Specificity & Sensitivity
    • Types of bias in intervention studies
  • Implementing TREAT journal club quick reference guides:
    • Building an EBP culture
    • Tips for funning TREAT via videoconference
    • Seeking a mentor
    • Information for managers
  • Interactive EBP training modules
    • What is EBP?
    • Asking answerable Clinical Questions
    • Searching the Evidence
    • Critical Appraisal: Quantitative studies
    • Critical Appraisal: Qualitative studies
    • Interpreting Statistics: Types of Data
    • Applying Evidence into practice